Full Packing / Unpacking Service
Our team of expert packers will come along to your property, prior to your move day, to pack your items and label your boxes etc. If required we can also then unpack your items the following day for you.
Packing Service
Our team of expert packers will pack all the items that need packing on an agreed day prior to your move and label all boxes etc. we will then place all the boxes etc into the correct rooms, garage or shed etc ready for you to unpack.
Self Pack
If you would rather do the packing yourself you can either use use your own packing boxes and materials, or we can provide them all for you.

With the packaging we supply there are two types of boxes, one smaller than the other, but both double walled strength.

You can fill the smaller sized boxes right up with books or records and they won't be too heavy for us to lift. Equally these smaller boxes can be used in the kitchen for crockery packing.

(Please ensure crockery and glassware is wrapped in packing paper etc and padded out with either additional paper or tea towels or soft items from the linen cupboard etc).

For really fragile items please use bubble wrap as well as paper.

The large boxes these are still good for packing crockery and glassware but only half way with the rest of the box being filled with pillows or lighter items.