European Removals

In addition to our East Sussex and UK removals services, we also provide regular, monthly or bi-monthly removal trips, depending on demand, to: France, Spain & Portugal.  

Please contact us, or take a look at our Facebook page @vamosvanman, to find out when our next trip is scheduled.

Whether you are moving from: Brighton to Barcelona, Eastbourne to Estepona, London to Lisbon, or Manchester to Madrid, we can move your belongings for you.

We have been moving people and businesses around the UK and between the UK & Spain for a number of years now and are thereby able to fully utilise the knowledge and expertise we have gained from doing so, to ensure your move is completed professionally and with excellent customer service at all times.

For added peace of mind our door to door European removals service usually carries your goods fully safe & secured on the same vehicle throughout the entire journey from the UK to your property in Europe, or from Europe to the UK, (subject to suitable vehicle access at the collection and delivery locations and to your storage requirements).

How much does our European Removal Service cost?

Current charges for our European trips are calculated on, what ever is the greater, of the loads:

a) Volume in Cubic Metres (M3)
b) Weight in Kilograms (Kgs)

We charge per cubic metre, with each cubic metre having a weight allowance of up to 55kg.

Volume (M3)
Price (M3)
Inclusive Allowance
Price/kg above Inclusive Allowance
0 - 17

  • Discounts may be available for full load bookings.
  • Minimum load size is 3 Cubic Metres – with an inclusive allowance of up to 165 Kgs
  • Any loads weighing more than 55kgs per cubic metre will attract an additional charge of £2.50/kg.

Using bathroom scales can be a good way to get an idea on estimated cost.

All prices are exclusive of Customs Fees and Import Duties (Where Applicable)

Post Brexit Customs Fees & Import Duties

Since Brexit on the 1st January 2021, most goods moving between the UK and Europe, are now subject to Customs Fees and Import Charges, with some exemptions if you are changing your main place of residence, commonly referred to as a ‘Transfer of Residence’ (TOR), see below.

Please note that all customs and/or Import duties/fees are directly levied on to you, usually via a customs agent, by the relevant tax authorities of the countries you are moving between, such duties/fees are completely separate to and in addition to the actual transportation costs charged by your removal company.

Transfer of Residence

If you are moving your main place of residence between the UK & Europe then you may be able to claim relief from such import duties, by providing the relevant documentation to our customs agents as and when you are required to do so. Unfortunately no relief from customs or import duties is permitted for either second or holiday homes.

For entry into the UK a TOR (Transfer of Residence) form is required to be completed and supplied to the Customs Agents, together with the required supporting documentation.

From the UK to Spain, amongst other documentation, you will need to provide your Customs Agent with an up to date ‘Certificado de Empadronamiento’ from the local Spanish town hall for your new property in Spain.  Additionally other documentation to show that you have moved from your main residence in the UK will also be required.  

Please note that whilst we, Vamosvan, will arrange all the relevant customs paperwork to be completed for you, that all customs and import fees are payable by you, the customer, directly to the relevant tax authorities of the countries you are moving between.  Vamosvan does not receive nor benefit from any such fees.

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