Velez Malaga



Commercial Clearances

Full or partial House Clearances Velez Malaga /Office Clearances Velez Malaga can be undertaken, with Furniture and effects being transported to:

  • Third party locations as directed by client

  • Auctioneers

  • Registered waste disposal sites for all discar

  • ded materials

  • A Secure storage facility


We understand that House Clearances Velez Malaga may need to be undertaken during highly emotional periods and we therefore take the utmost care to ensure that we handle all enquiries and subsequent removals with sensitivity, care and respect.

What is Vélez-Málaga like?

Vélez-Málaga is an Andalusian town in the province of Málaga and is the most important city in the region of La Axarquía.

It has a population of over 80,000, being the third largest town in the province in terms of population.

Vélez is made up of several urban units, numerous coastal housing developments and inland farmhouses.


The historic centre of Vélez-Málaga has been declared a site of historical-artistic interest. The city is home to a rich Mudejar and Baroque architectural heritage, with palaces, churches and monasteries scattered among the houses on picturesque streets.


The tourist industry is the main productive sector of Velez-Malaga, followed by agriculture, which stands out for the production of subtropical crops such as mango, custard apple, and above all, avocado.


The Port of La Caleta is home to the largest fishing fleet in the province.


Talk to our advisors to help you with your removal to or from Vélez-Málaga.

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